Acquisition/Budget Advisor Services

HHS/FDA – Acquisition/Budget Advisor Services

Aalis provides support to CBER in developing its budget formulation, budget execution, and acquisition strategies for a wide range of initiatives. It also offers general advisory and administrative support. In this task, Aalis assists FDA/CBER in developing budget trackers, reports, briefs, acquisition packages, and general administrative support as directed. Aalis works closely with CBER’s Division Director(s), Project or Program Managers (PMs), CORs, Budget Officials, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop project requirements. This support requires Aalis to help OM Divisions with the creation, review, revision, and finalization of budget reports, guidance documents, standard operating procedures, and acquisition documents to be submitted to corresponding entities. Lastly, Aalis provides assistance by assembling already drafted documents, helping staffers with the preparation, finalization, and review of documents that support budget formulation, budget execution, and acquisition documents needed for a broad range of initiatives.

Category: Acquisition Support

Contract Type: Prime